Monday Motivation

Hey Everyone! the weekend is over and so is your wait to start or restart your new plans. You have the best opportunity to kickstart your plans, execute them and forget whatever bad happened in the past. You will be thinking how can an ordinary day be so important to start your plans? A new week and day symbolize a new start. Monday can be the best day to start your plans. The first day of the week and start of the plan is the best combination for keeping you highly motivated. So be positive and live the day to the fullest. Are you feeling confusion and hesitation starting your new plan? Remember you are not alone facing Monday, the whole world is experiencing a new day. You are lucky to be alive to see the day. It’s entirely up to you. Make your day. Make your life. Mahatma Gandhi once said, The future depends on what you do today”. You have another chance to fulfill your dreams, so work hard to achieve them. Stop waiting for miracles to happen, work hard and make them happen.

Why is Monday considered the hardest day of the week? Nowadays when we look at Facebook or Instagram posts, Monday feels like a punishment and a burden. People think that a single day is not enough for rest and spending time with family and friends. I can understand that weekend is a much precious but people should stop thinking like that.  Many people will think why Monday, a hard working day must not be considered a burden? That’s because people have choices and out of many choices, choosing the positive one is better. Either you can have a fresh start on Monday and continue your struggles with high motivation or you can start a day with feelings of sadness and burden. Mondays are not that bad. In fact, if you want to set goals, Mondays are best to start with. New week, new day, new goals. 

Now the question is what is actually meant by motivation Monday and how it helps the people? #MondayMotivation is a very popular hashtag. It was introduced in 2015 on twitter for the people around the globe, from every field of life who think Monday is the toughest day of life. Using this hashtag people share their stories, experiences, and plans which they started on Monday and accomplished successfully. In short, they want to show the half-full side of the glass. This trend has helped to motivate people. They feel positive about Monday.

In spite of determination and confidence, many people still think how to start the week positively? Once you feel positive and motivated about Monday, you need to have a proper plan for how to spend it in a better way and perform your actions. Here are a few tips that might help you spend a better Monday.


Have a sound sleep and be a morning person:

Sleep deprivation makes daily life and concentration in work worse. So take a sound sleep. Don’t take too much tension and stress about tomorrow. Feel relaxed before sleeping. Reading a book may help you feel calm. Try to sleep early to start the next day early.It is a wise saying that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Successful people wake up early so that they get a lot of more time to complete their tasks.

Spend some time in meditation or prayer:

It is a Buddha’s saying that “It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles”. Meditation helps in keeping the mind calm, focused and positive. You feel positive vibes when you engage yourself in such activities and what is better than starting a day with positive energy and calm, focused mind.

Stay self-motivated and active:

Always remember that real source of motivation is inside you. Babe Ruth once said,”It is hard to beat a person who never gives up.” It is you that can create a change in your life. Helen Keller once said that Nothing can be done without hope and confidence”. Stay active and avail any chance you get to achieve your goal.

Make a to-do list and check it:

Many people often forget what tasks they have to perform in the specific working day, specifically Monday as it is considered the hardest day of the week. It is a good practice to make a to-do list. You can make a list whenever you feel feasible. Making a list and the performing the listed tasks helps in reducing the stress level and makes a person feel more relaxed and confident about his goals.

Always look at the bright side of a matter. Likewise, always think that Monday is a good way to start and achieve your goals. Never give up. Bruce Lee said,” If you spend too much time thinking about a thing you’ll never get it done.” Everyone has a hard past but if you feel down yesterday, stand up today.  So chin up and start your day happily and one day when you will look back to your struggling days, you would be so proud of you for never giving up.

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