Coping With Everyday Problems

Am I happy? Am I satisfied with what I am doing?

Have you ever asked these questions to yourself? If not then do ask. If you have ever asked this then what was the answer. If you are satisfied and happy with your life then congratulations because you are one of the luckiest people in the world. If not, then there is a little problem but no need to worry as soon you are going to overcome this.

  Everyone faces some problems in their lives. Virginia Satir once said, ‘‘Problems are not the problem; coping is the problem.” In reality, most problems occur in our lives. Relationships, jobs or any other problems are actually our opportunities to experience, learn and excel in life. With respect to coping with life problems, one’s life can be divided into three categories.

Life in a comfort zone, life out of comfort zone and managing the stress throughout your life. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  • Life in the comfort zone: 

Living a routine life without any risk, aim or adventure can be termed as a comfort zone life. If you are not happy with your lifestyle, you are not living it but wasting it. Comfort does not necessarily mean happiness. If something that really makes you happy either it is inside or outside your comfort zone, take a step towards it, get it and experience it. Achieving goals and solving life problems make us happy. Most of the times, we know exactly what is our problem and what do we want but cannot do anything.  We are stuck in our comfort zone.  There can be many reasons for that i.e. people lack confidence that they cannot achieve their aims outside their comfort zone.

You need to understand that your comfort zone is disadvantageous for you most of the times. You cannot discover yourself, your strengths and potential.  Your aims and goals need a life out of your comfort zone. Your success lies in your individuality and once you get used to your daily life, you start losing your creativity and opinions. According to Shannon L. Alder, “Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone”. The purpose of life is to grow and learn not just getting old and if you will stay in your comfort zone, you cannot open doors to learning and your basic purpose of life is lost.

A few things you can do to come out of your comfort zones are:

  • Learn new skills
  • Travel to new places and  eat new cuisines
  • Meet new people and share their experiences.
  • Speak in class, meetings and in public forums.
  • Take advantage of every opportunity that may help you.
  • Change your wardrobe
  • Start reading new books and new paths to your office and home

Doing these little things will help you understand your real happiness. Your motivation for happiness will derive you to step out of comfort zone and this will build your identity.

  • Life out of comfort zone:

Once you step out of your comfort zone, life actually starts which means you are ready to face the world. You must be fearless when entering this phase as this is your path to success and your fearlessness and courage will lead you to this path. Be confident that you will find your way to happiness and contentment and step out of the comfort zone. The following steps help you to achieve your goals once you step out of your comfort zones.

  • Set your goals:

You must decide why you have stepped out of your comfort zone. Changing your lifestyle without any goal is useless. Setting your goal gives a purpose to your life.  Remember “Great goals make great people. People cannot hit what they do not aim for” Roy Bennett.

  • Be clear about your fears:

The most important hurdle in our life and aims is our fear. You need to identify your fears and start working on them. “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure” Paulo Coelho. Just keep going and beat your fears. This is the first step to your success.

  • Be ready for an unusual life:

You must know that not everyone has the ability to step out of comfort zone. If you are able enough to step out, your life will also be different. You must be ready to face challenges and changes in your life any time. You must spend some time with risk takers for encouragement. You also need to identify safe methods to tackle problems and solve them. No need to take big decisions. Just take little steps and remember that slow and steady wins the race.

  • Be optimistic and responsible:

You must learn how the change of stepping out of your comfort zone will help you. Stay positive and each and every risk and chance of failure as your experience. Just remember that “even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise”, Victor Hugo.  You must be responsible for your decisions and actions. In case of failure, you must understand that you are just a beginner so be serious but not too serious. Focus on the problem but never ever ignore the fun and excitement in your life.

Achieving your dreams when you become practical and leave your comfort zone is a way to your happiness. You become a person with a unique identity in a world of common people. Still, there are a few issues both in and out of our comfort zones, which depress and stress us and coping with them become a very serious issue and they also need to be sorted.

  • Dealing with the stress in your life:

Your life problems out of your comfort zone may stress you out. Even when you are living in your comfort zone, you may suffer from stress. Reducing the stress is vital for increasing happiness in your life. Following are a few tips that may help you in stress management.

  • Be realistic:

If you feel exhausted by your daily life routine or other activities, you must learn to say no. You must understand that you are a human being, not a superhero who can do anything in a few seconds. Don’t take responsibility for a task that you cannot perform. Before taking responsibility, be sure if you can do it. Don’t feel reluctance if you need help. Taking help and completing the task is a better idea than not completing an important task.

  • Complete your task one by one:

Use your senses and imagination to prioritize your work and handle a situation. Doing too many works at the same time may make the situation worst. Prepare a list of tasks to be completed one by one. This makes people more confident and less stressed about their work and life problems. The feeling of tasks gradually completing keeps you relaxed and motivated.

  • Accept criticism heartily:

You must know that you are a human and can also be wrong. Other’s opinions and suggestions must also matter. When others criticize your work or ideas and give suggestions, be flexible and try to view things from their point of views. Maybe their ideas can be better for you.  Arguments and stubbornness always make the situations worse and make you feel stressed. So it’s a good practice to listen to others and find better solutions or ideas for a task.

  • Find yourself a coach or mentor:

A mentor is one who can help and guide you in solving a problem and reaching your destination. Many times in life e.g. when you want to want to achieve a goal or solve a problem, you don’t know what to do and how to do. That’s when a mentor is needed. A mentor is usually the one who is in a position, you want to attain so whenever you feel that you cannot do everything on your own, find yourself a coach or a mentor. You must exchange experiences with each other and listen to your mentor’s suggestions and criticism.

  • Spend some time with yourself:

Personal space and time matter a lot in our life. For relieving stress, a short break from daily life activities is necessary. You can meditate or exercise to focus yourself, read a book to increase your knowledge or any other hobby or a simple conversation with your friends about finding a solution to problems. A human being, like a machine, also needs recharging and breaks for fresh starts. It is beneficial for them. 

Life is full of problems. It is up to us what to do with them. Either we can ignore them, become used to them or face them. Avoiding them is not the permanent solution. They may give rise to even a bigger problem, so it is good to face them and make yourself strong by stepping out of comfort zone. “Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them”, Steve Maraboli. So face them and make your own identity and achieve your goals. You will surely live your life, an admirable, well-spent life by achieving your aims and having your own identity.


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